Welcome to Patch Notes! Each month, we comb through the newest changes in performance, reliability, responsiveness, usability, and general bug-squishing we’ve done to make Discord better. 

If you discover a bug of your own, check out our Bimonthly Bug Megathread on the community-ran r/DiscordApp subreddit. Tell us what’s been bothering you and our Engineering team will be more than happy to check it out. 

All fixes listed below have been committed and merged, but may still be rolling out to individual platforms at the time of this post.


  • Our media proxy now supports the preservation of ICC Color Profile data when resizing source images converted to WebP outputs. This should significantly improve color accuracy and quality of images displayed in Discord on all platforms.
  • The majority of Windows 64-bit upgrades have been completed. We’ve observed about 15% reduced CPU usage and 15% reduction in crashes going from 32-bit to 64-bit clients (and Discord uses a little more memory). We hope you’re enjoying your extra bits of goodness.
  • Discord calls on mobile now support both iOS and Android’s picture-in-picture (PIP) modes, letting you see what’s up while the app is running in the background.
  • Updated our API to a newer version of Python (3.11), leading to a 5-10% API latency reduction overall.
  • We made optimizations to our gif picker on mobile to make it a much smoother experience. Scrolling and searching in the gif picker should render gifs and categories faster and the app shouldn’t flash the loading screen every time the user adds a new character to a search. Internal measurements show as much as 80% improvement in load time on lower-end devices.
  • We recently migrated gateway traffic to use zstd compression for Android and Desktop, which is showing ~25% reduction in gateway bandwidth usage for users! We’re also rolling out iOS support imminently.
  • Hardware decoding for AV1 codec streams is rolling out for Windows now. We’re seeing ~20% improvement in CPU usage across the distribution of AV1 utilization from this change.
  • We made a change that dramatically improved DM search performance in the mobile apps. This should feel immediately more performant for users who regularly use the mobile search experience.
  • You can now double-tap the “Home” button in the mobile apps to switch between server channels and DMs. No more thumb gymnastics—just a quick double-tap and you’re there!
  • We’re rolling out an upgraded Call UX on tablets that is more consistent with the new mobile experience. If you’ve used the mobile app to place Discord calls, the new tablet interface should feel very familiar.
  • You can now vibe with Wumpus anytime you want in the Desktop app. You can find how in Settings → Keybinds → Miscellaneous.


  • Resolved an issue causing no number to be rendered in the Mutual Friends and Mutual Servers portion of a user’s profile.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the profile options modal to sometimes render behind the profile (completely hidden) when opened on Android. 
  • Resolved a minor issue with the search icon rendering on top of the search string when searching for a GIF on Android.
  • We made some slight improvements to Desktop user profiles: server badge tooltips now use the right color and there’s a small delay now so they do not pop up so quickly.
  • Resolved an issue that caused events to show users’ global avatars instead of server avatars.
  • Fixed a bug that caused us to unnecessarily truncate the “Save” button in a few areas of the iOS app. Turns out “S…” is not an intuitive button.
  • Resolved an issue that caused server-specific avatar decorations to not properly be used in certain cases.
  • Resolved a bug where skin tone variants of an emoji were not being respected properly in polls. 
  • Resolved an issue with the Quest badge not appearing properly on iOS.
  • Fixed a spacing issue with mute and deafen icons not rendering properly in the Overlay. They now should render immediately next to the user’s name.
  • Resolved an issue with the “…” button in the notifications tab of iOS not being themed appropriately in certain cases. Fun fact: this button is referred to as the “Meatball” button in some spaces.  
  • We updated the “Invite to Server” and “Invite to GDM” icons to be more communicative of them being multi-select options.
  • Resolved an issue where clicking on a badge in a profile that opens user settings didn’t hide the profile, effectively blocking your view of the settings.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause mutual servers in a user profile to render as empty if the user whose profile you’re inspecting sent you a DM while the profile was open.
  • Fixed a scrolling bug that caused the final two rows of emojis in the emoji picker to be inaccessible on iOS.
  • Resolved a bug that prevented being able to skip becoming “findable” during new user onboarding on Android.
  • Fixed an issue that made it possible to have very tall user profiles in certain circumstances. 
  • Resolved a bug that caused Mod View to not display or close properly.
  • Fixed a spacing issue in the badge panel UI on the “My Account” page.
  • Search tags in text channel searches should now properly localize to the selected language.
  • Fixed a bug that caused profiles opened from the member list to not respect server-specific profile settings for that user, like avatar decorations or themes.
  • Resolved a bug that could cause navigation to get stuck in iOS when clicking the “Edit Channel” button in a text channel.
  • Resolved an issue where clicking on an invite link as a member of that server would not navigate to the server properly on Android.
  • Fixed an issue on iOS where clicking on a server invite link with the app open in the background would foreground the app, but not perform any operation on the server link.
  • Resolved padding issues on the “Earn Money” modal for Server Subscriptions.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause friend requests to get stuck off-screen on the notifications tab of mobile apps.
  • Resolved a visual issue where the login and register buttons on the not logged-in page were not styled consistently.
  • The “View More Stickers” button should now always navigate to the correct sticker pack.
  • Closing an event modal from the notifications tab no longer causes the entire app to render black on iOS.
  • Fixed a bug that caused pressing the “add more” button in a server guide under certain criteria to open a blank sidebar.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the client to incorrectly show the “Set Channel Status” prompt for users who lacked permission to do so in very specific situations.
  • The Overlay now should respect “disabled sound” Soundboard settings.
  • Fixed a Desktop bug that allowed users to set voice channel statuses longer than the character limit.
  • Users with the display name “Clyde” no longer have their name incorrectly highlighted green in mentions.
  • Resolved a Desktop issue where the emoji selector overlapped with the “remaining characters” indicator in the voice channel status UI.
  • Resolved inconsistent colors for the “Copy Button” next to the text field in the event creation confirmation UI.
  • Fixed a styling issue for scrollbars on clients running in Chrome.
  • Resolved several minor spacing issues for Samsung Android devices.
  • Fixed an issue where in-app reporting for events was not functioning properly.
  • Bringing up the emoji picker while editing/adding a status should now display the entire picker.
  • Logging out of Discord will no longer render a back button on the login UX screen.
  • Improved the Boost settings page to more clearly indicate whether a free boost is in cooldown.


  • Resolved an issue where sending a DM from a mobile device could incorrectly push a notification to your desktop application for the message you sent.
  • Fixed a bug that caused sticker category and server buttons to not filter stickers properly on iOS.
  • Resolved a short-lived issue where canceling a message edit on iOS would crash the application.
  • Fixed an issue where the voice messages UX was not properly respecting client themes.
  • Resolved a bug that prevented users from setting a hang status while streaming.
  • Resolved an issue on iOS where the indicator for chat being blocked in a channel was semi-transparent for certain themes, leading to text overlap.
  • Fixed an iOS bug that could cause the channel list to be rendered as empty when navigating to channels with very specific permission circumstances.
  • Resolved an issue with the text on the tabs in the Message Requests pane that caused them to be positioned incorrectly, making them unreadable on Android.
  • Setting a custom icon for a DM in the mobile client no longer makes the app unresponsive.
  • Stickers are now properly respected when publishing your message in an Announcement channel.

Activities and Apps

  • Fixed a bug that caused issues with slash commands that required attachments to not properly execute in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Spotify to incorrectly pause every few seconds when connected to Discord.
  • Resolved multiple padding/spacing issues on activity cards on iOS.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause selecting an activity from the list before scrolling to fail to launch the activity.
  • Resolved a crash that could happen when navigating to an app in the app directory that does not have any images in the image tab.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Spotify action buttons in user profiles to not properly fill the UI container. 
  • Fixed a minor alignment issue for chat icons in the app launcher on iOS.


  • Resolved an issue with our video hook capture method for streaming not correctly restoring OpenGL state. This manifested as flickering/corruption of not only the video but also the game itself. 
  • We upgraded our Krisp library (used for background noise suppression) to version 7.0. Particularly audio-inclined individuals may spot improvements in audio quality in calls while utilizing Krisp.
  • Resolved a bug that would cause your video to be in focus when changing from a 1:1 audio call to a video call mid-session.
  • Fixed a bug that caused user limits in voice channels to not display properly in clients.
  • Resolved fairly severe spacing and positioning issues in the voice call UX for clients running in Firefox.
  • Fixed a visual issue on iOS where activity information in the call UX would overlap awkwardly with the user card in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue in calls where transitioning from the system picture-in-picture (PIP) while the app is backgrounded to the in-app PIP when you foreground the app failed, resulting in no PIP.
  • Resolved issues where the stream issues indicator would persist after no longer watching the stream or could display on streams the user is not actively watching.
  • Resolved an issue where webcam quality was artificially restricted below optimal levels when using AV1 codec.


  • Upgraded the Android Exoplayer from 2.13.3 to 2.19.1. This should improve performance, media compatibility, and stability of video playback on Android.
  • Added ability to play videos on Android when one or more video tracks are invalid, which would cause certain videos to fail to play only on Android.
  • All videos uploaded from Android should now be web optimized (MP4 “Fast Start”), reaching parity with our iOS experience. The result is that videos uploaded from Android devices should start playback sooner for users watching them.
  • Fixed a bug on Android that prevented viewing multiple images in the media viewer with the same name. All the images in the viewer would look identical to the last image uploaded.
  • Resolved an Android issue that caused YouTube videos to not be playable from embeds.
  • Resolved an issue causing the iOS photo picker to not convert .heic to .jpeg for images edited by Markup.
  • Resolved an issue where images were not being compressed properly on iOS when shared under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug with WAVE audio file uploads being misidentified during metadata inspection, which made the file unavailable for playback within Discord.


  • Community links should now work properly with keyboard navigation, resolving known accessibility issues with those features.
  • Resolved an issue where animations in the mobile app did not always respect reduced motion accessibility settings. 
  • Resolved an issue that caused animated stickers created from gifs to not respect accessibility settings.
  • The “Copy Invite Link” button now has an accessible name for screen readers.
  • All items in the channel sidebar should now interact properly with screen readers.
  • Android reduced motion settings now properly respect system settings when “sync with device settings” is enabled.

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